Tuesday, February 12, 2008

jesus cosmetics

"jesus made me preeeeettty!"

so, i saw a story about a jesus related line of cosmetics in singapore. i'm not actually sure how they're trying to relate them to jesus. beause nothing says jesus to me like virtuous vanilla. although, "get tight with Christ" hand and body cream does have a certain ring to it.

and yes, the line is being pulled because some people felt it offensive and trivializing. me, i take it with a grain of salt. i wouldn't buy the stuff, but i'm also not going to get all crazy. unless God tells me to.


Adam said...

I don't know, I've heard the vinegar lip balm is to die for.

Too far? Naaaw.

Adam said...

I crack me up.

edluv said...

i was thinking more along the lines of "forbidden kiss of death"

edluv said...

i totally also missed the passion fruit gloss.