Thursday, February 28, 2008

lunch review of taqueria gaudalajara

i had seen that a new taqueria had opened on the fulton mall, just a few doors down from cafe corazon. i'm always up for mexican food, so i knew that i would visit sometime. today was the day.

mike and i came in the door, and my first thought was, "it's kinda dirty in there. maybe real dirty." yep, it was dirty. tables weren't wiped down, floor was a little sticky. and, i leaned against a wall and even it was dirty. the tables hadn't been bussed recently, and i actually had to clear a table so we could sit down.

the lady working the counter was helpful, and she was doing her best to manage, but she wasn't very proficient in english which made ordering a bit difficult. it doesn't bother me that she wasn't good @ the language, and honestly, most of the clientele probably speak spanish. it just made ordering tougher on my, and probably her.

we ordered our food, and noticed that they had a little serve yourself tortilla chip set up. so, we got a basket and some salsa. the chips were fine, but they'd been just sitting under a warmer so nothing special. the salsa was weak. and by weak, i mean it was super watery. they did have a strong oniony taste, which wasn't good in my opinion.

the restaurant is a converted smorgasbord, and so there is a big area in the back of the restaurant where the buffet was. as currently set up, the place seats 32 or so.
mike's asada plate came out first. he didn't want his grilled green onion, so i ate it. it was so flavorful. honestly, i was thrilled with how nicely this grilled onion tasted, and it made me anticipate my meal to come. sadly, this was the last good thing i ate. my friend said the asada was okay, and i tried a small piece. the grilled taste was decent, but there wasn't much spice to it. the plate came with rice & beans, but i'll tell you about those in a second.

my chile verde plate come out shortly after my friends. it looked nice. the taste? mediocre at best. honestly, the chile verde was moist, which is good, but the meat and sauce lacked flavor. i think i need to go in search of good chile verde, because the last two places i tried for it were a let down. the refried beans sucked. how do you make beans taste watery? they managed. the rice was cold, mushy and bland. just like most of the meal.

the final bad: store bought corn tortillas.

taqueria guadalajara
1139 fulton mall


m.wise said...

yeah, there is no reason for me to eat there again.

The Lulu said...

Thats too bad. I applaud your willinness to try new restaraunts all of the time though. Unfortunately you have to eat a few unimpressive meals to find the really great ones though.

There is a little tiny taco shop that opened on McKinley almost to Blackstone you might want to try. It looks authentic but I havent seen it very busy which makes me feel bad but I dont think it is the kind of food I would so maybe you could try it for me:)

edluv said...

that place has been about five different shops in the last few years, but i did see the shop and think it would be worth a try.