Tuesday, February 05, 2008

o-boy obama

diggiddy dang! okay, i'll stop with all that sort of talk. but i'm so excited to see how close everything is running so far tonight in the primaries. and not only on the democratic side that i currently belong in. we're a little past an hour since the polls closed in california, so we'll see how it all trickles down here, but i'm hoping for another close run.

i'm not sure how i feel about how the democrats apportion the votes. the repubs go winner take all. dems divy it up, which seems a little more like the electoral college mess. anyone know exactly how it all works?

what the huckabee? that guy is accomplishing a lot more than people thought he could. and romney, who has all that experience running companies + big pockets, seems to be taking it on the chin. i'm sure he won't bow out yet, and neither will huckabee, but it sure looks like mc cain has it wrapped up. yeah, it ain't over, but the points may be insurmountable.

this leads me to my first gripe about the media tonight: i've repeatedly heard that the hard core republicans don't like mc cain. these hard core republicans vote rain or shine, blah blah blah. but, mc cain is whooping the others in most races. who's voting then? are the hard core conservatives not voting?

next gripe: the polls in california closed an hour ago. actually, in some parts, the democratic polls were still open until 15 minutes ago because they ran out of ballots. so, with only 15% of california in, the networks started declaring a winner. huh? the percentage has been the same from 1-15%, so maybe that gives you some inclination, but still. and yes, i'm bitching because they called it for clinton. but also, they just called it for the repubs, too. seems little early for me. but i often think this.

final gripe: umm, one minute you talk about how the republican states are all winner take all. then you tell me exceptions to that. well which one is it? all or some? numbskulls.


Uber Steve said...

I disagree re: the apportionment of delegates. I think winner-take-all is more like the sucky electoral college.

I don't know about today, but in the earlier primaies, the republican turnout has been much smaller than the democratic turnout, which may account for the fact that though the "true conservatives" dislike McCain he is still ahead. Also, republicans do tend to fall in line with a perceived winner. This phenomenon is not unique to them though (see democrats, Kerry, 2004)

Adam said...

I disagree Ed. I think the hardcore repubs are turning out, but the votes are being splite between Huckabee and Romney. If one of them had dropped out, I think it'd be a tighter race.

I read someone's theory this morning that Huckabee and Romney were staying in it so they could make a run at President Obama in 2012.