Tuesday, February 19, 2008

castro resigns!

fidel has stepped down in cuba. well, he said he won't run again for election, but the times article doesn't say when it actually take effect. this could prove interesting. i wonder if one of the parties will take credit.

we've been tough all these years. it worked!"

probably both will tout this as a triumph of diplomacy. of course, our current guy has said he wants to see a democratic cuba. you know, like the one we helped establish in kuwait. or saudia arabia. or iraq.


Adam said...

Yeah, our 50 years of embargo totally kicked their ass, except for all the trading they've done with Canada and the EU. Damn them for undercutting our policy.

And yet, somehow we've been totally ok with being China's bitch for all these years.

Uber Steve said...

The Cuba embargo is one of the most hypocritical face-saving nonsense stands in our country's history, and that is really saying something.

I remember during the Elian Gonzalez nonsense having to sit through all these women at work saying how they didn't understand why any father would bring his kid back to Cuba instead of leaving him in Florida with estranged family members. Cuz, you know, they'd totally let someone else raise their kids in a better neighborhood.

edluv said...

have you seen gone baby gone?