Thursday, August 13, 2009

pet pigeon

2ND UPDATE: the pigeon is alive. there is a metal latticey thing on our back fence, which creates a space between it and our back fence. there is some dead grass, and the pigeon was hiding in there. heather says that the pigeon has found its own pigeon coop.

UPDATE: the pigeon is gone. and there are a few stray feathers, so i think one of the neighborhood cats "adopted" him.

yesterday i noticed a pigeon chilling out on my back porch. because i'm a mean jerk, i decided i would shoo the pigeon away. when i opened the door and went out there, the pigeon started to run away, but he couldn't fly. it seems the pigeon may have something wrong with a wing. i wasn't going to pick him up and throw it out of the yard, but i did figure it was only a matter of time before the pigeon would be gone. i mean, there are a lot of cats in our neighborhood, not to mention the one that lives in my house. (remember this post?)

but, the pigeon remained. last night, i was looking for our cat and checked the back yard. she was back there, not too far from the house, rolling in the dirt. and about mid way across the yard sat the pigeon.

today, the pigeon was still around. in fact, the pigeon made it all day long without our cat, or any other, having it for a meal.

tonight, i needed to water the lawn, so i set up the sprinklers and turned the water on. i wondered what the pigeon would do? would it try to fly off? would it just find a spot in the yard outside of the sprinklers?

it seems the pigeon was thirsty, because it pretty much just chilled out by the sprinkler, drinking water off the ground.

so, anyone want a pet pigeon? it seems pretty docile, and may be losing its fear of people.


Adam said...

I'd love a pet pigeon. One of my pipe dreams, once I live in a house, is to have a little hut with a few pigeons.

edluv said...

you could start now

Lulu said...

I am not fond of birds as pets. It seems like if you have the ability to fly it is just a horrible punishment to be forced to live in a cage. However since this pigeon apparantly lacks that ability or is nursing an injury, I think Adam could indeed start now. Maybe he can even rehabilitate it and release it back into the wild err city.

blake said...

If you water that thing it'll grow.

Adam said...

That's one of the things that separates pigeons from other pet birds, Lulu. You can let them fly, much like you'd take your dog for a walk.

edluv said...

that's right, adam, i sort of forgot you could have pet pigeons that would fly about and come back. sheesh, many inner city rooftops are dominated by pigeon coops.

Adam said...

Yeah, I got interested in the idea after seeing On The Waterfront (where Marlon Brando's character has a coop of racing pigeons) and Training Day (in which there is a scene were a man is "flipping pigeons").