Thursday, August 20, 2009

things i'm geeking on

ah, fall is almost in the air. who am i kidding, fall is nowhere close. we'll see fall in november. but i am excited about a lot of things right now. of course, now that i'm trying to list them i will only be able to think of two or three.

so here's what i'm geeking on:
-united states men's national team. our side is doing well, and looks like we should qualify for south africa in twenty ten. but, more to the point, i get to see my first qualifying game ever. i've seen the usmnt play in a friendly (usa vs brazil in the rose bowl) but i've never been to a game that really mattered. so i'm stoked that i get to go to rio tinto stadium in salt lake and see them play. and, i've got sick seats for a fairly inexpensive price.
-road trips - well, i get to road trip to the above game with my brother, which will be cool. i think i'm going to go up through sacto and head to slc via route 80, which i've never done. not like i've driven to slc ever, but i did roll sorta that way on a trip to colorado, but we took 15 through vegas. not really wanting to roll through vegas if i don't have to, even though i loves the vegas. speaking of vegas, i'm already geeking on my planned vegas trip for new year's. it's going to be a blast.
-fantasy football. mmmm, the ffl season is about to start. my long time league is about to have our draft this friday night. it'll be good to see some guys i haven't seen in a bit, and i'm excited to see how our auction draft turns out. and, i'm also prepping for the second fresno blogger bowl. adam and i chatted quite a bit last night about ffl, and i imagine that he, i and mike wise charlie will have more in the future.
-finals. today is the last day of a term @ my job, which is always nice to finish up. next week, new classes.
-family. for those that don't know, my brother and his family are in fresno for like the next ten months. it's cool, and they'll soon be living pretty close to me (walking distance). it's always nice to have family around, and my bro and i haven't lived in the same town since 95ish. i'm excited to spend a lot of time with them before the head back to south africa. also, monticore's brother, sister in law and their twins are living in fresno now. that's cool. it's been fun to spend time with them, and i love that on facebook he calls the twins midgets. i think this next year with all sorts of family around will be very nice for us.
-refinancing. we're in the process of refinancing our home loan which is going to save us some cash. always good.

UPDATE: sheesh, i forgot that i'm also geeking on track and field right now. it's the world championships so i've been able to watch a lot of track lately. it has me excited for our off season training sessions. seriously, i was spellbound watching the top hammer guys throw the other day, even if it was only briefly shown.

so, what are you geeking on?


-brian said...

Route 80 is pretty nice in that stretch through the sierras. Watch out for the salt flats; there's nothing off to the side of the road to help gauge your speed. I got a ticket for going 102.

The Jay said...

yeeeah, vegas new yearz


Lulu said...

I am geeking on sounds of nature. I downloaded a bunch of rainstorms, waves crashing, crackling fire new age stuff to fall asleep to and it is delightful. I had to take the waves crashing with seagulls one though, I forgot how obnoxious those things are.

m.wise said...

do you have those on a cd, lulu? if so, i'd love for you to burn me a copy.

blake said...

1) old episodes of All in the Family
2) learning that small differences in equipment, microphone placement, etc etc all make for very small but noticeable changes in audio quality when you record---now --having to decide the angle of the mic, which one of the gazillion knobs to turn a touch this way or that--THAT's the stuff only geeks can dig (or ruin their lives with)

Lulu said...

I have had problems burning cds on my work computer, but I will certianly give it a shot Mike!

Monticore said...

home-made-smoothies, simple, satisfying and healthy.