Saturday, August 29, 2009

let them eat cake! - a review

so, yeah, the blog has been dominated by this little event this week. i admit, i was excited about it and wanted it to succeed. so, here are three shots taken of the bands last night and some thoughts on it all.

i didn't really know what time the bands were playing, but since the event was only four hours long i figured they had to come on sort of early. but then again, there were only 3 bands, and i knew the dj's would be spinning on a different floor. so, we showed up around 8:30 and had a bit of hanging around to do. but, that allowed us to eat some candy (banana runts i believe) and sample the vittles. i was right that they had cupcakes from cupcakes bakery, and the one i had was delicious. very creamy frosting. but, i was wrong up charlotte's bakery providing stuff. the memory failed me on that. instead, they had food that was donated by veni vidi vici's. it was good stuff.

after a little while the aircrash played:

i've seen the aircrash a few times now, and their sound is growing on me. they remind me of someone, but i can't exactly remember who. i guess it's good that they have a sorta familiar sound because it draws you in. they also feature two songs where they are clapping. i thought this a bit odd, but monticore assures me it is because chicks dig songs with clapping.

next up was rademacher:

yes, yes, i know, i'm a rademacher fanboy. but you know what? this wasn't their best show. in fact, they played a great set on wednesday night and this was nowhere close to that. eli was out of town for a fay wrays gig, and eden davis, who had a brief stint with the band, sat in on the drums. she's not the reason the show wasn't the best, as she filled in fine. i'll just say that it seemed the band enjoyed the met's hospitality and it affected their set. having said all that, the band seemed to get better as the set went along, and they closed out with a very good rendition of 'they are always into that' which i always think is called 'cool kids.'

the last band to go on was le switch, whom i took a very poor picture of:

i admit, i didn't see all of their eclectic set. the songs i heard were cool, but i was ready to do something different.

now, for the rest of it. i thought this was a pretty cool event. i know the staff all worked their tails off to make it fun, and to get a ton of stuff donated. honestly, i'd love it if the met did stuff like this once a month, or maybe every other month. at least quarterly. i'm not sure how they are measuring the success of it, but in my opinion it was. people seemed to be having fun, enjoying the food and drinks, and the bands. sure, there could have been more people, but it did draw a nice crowd. and, if you had dropped a bomb on the place you would've wiped out many of fresno's bloggers. one last thing: i love being able to look out over fresno. we were only four stories up, but i still was able to look out and see our skyline. nice view from the met.

what could have been better? well, the sound was a little mushy in the main room. and the dj aspect seemed sort of unincorporated in the night. but other than that i thought it was a nice night.


Monticore said...

Overall I loved it. Sure it could have been better but there is a lot of potiental there to work with. The crowd that came out was cool. The food was a nice surprise and it was just nice to do something different. I say keep it up and make a few changes like keeping the DJ's on the same level the bands are playing and the drinks are on. I'd love to go again.

Lulu said...

Good review, I felt like I was there!

John English said...

Ed, thanks for plugging the event beforehand and for the kind words after. Everyone's pleased on our end too and I'm pretty sure this won't be the last thing like this that we do. Glad you had a good time!

edluv said...

thanks for the comment. i was glad to blog about the event before and after, but i wish i would've had a little more correct info before, like i had said on facebook. i heard rumors from people, but i know me and my fresno bloggy cohorts love putting out info, especially accurate info (like i was wrong on charlottes/veni's). i'm sure the businesses donating would love for those of us talking to be give them proper credit, too.

Fresno Metropolitan said...

Thanks. For future ref, we've always got the most up to date info on Chances are if it isn't there, we're not positive it's happening yet or something.

Let's all do it again real soon