Monday, August 17, 2009

monday haiku

watching track world champs
steeple chase is going on
love the water jump

bolt nine point five eight
insanely fast new world record
he can go faster


Lulu said...

Bolt is amazing. That is so freakin fast.

m.wise said...

does his 'fastness' make you wonder if he's legit? i know it should be innocent until proven guilty. just wondering what you think.

blake said...

It's Tuesday today
That sums up this week of mine
It's running so fast

edluv said...

in our current society, it's difficult not to question an athlete, especially when they're doing big things.

however, i do take a little solace in track and field (& the olympics as well) because they have the most stringent testing. really, if you medal, you go piss in a cup. if you don't within a prescribed amount of time, your medal is stripped. and, you'll likely be banned.

unless bolt is on the very cutting edge, which is possible, he would test positively. i mean, this ain't baseball we're talking about.