Monday, August 24, 2009


i was walking to the post office today and saw this poster:

now, i don't think it's racist or anything like that, although some people are claiming that. i clicked over to the associated website,, and although i haven't really dug into it, it's pretty conspiracy theater odd.


Adam said...

I didn't get the impression that it was racist. Propaganda? Yes.

Let's draw a comparison between the president and a fictional chaos-creating sociopath. Are we going to have to create a new Godwin's law?

Just sad. We know people won't stop to read text, so we'll just shock them with outrageous comparisons that have no basis in fact.

The Jay said...

"Wake up before it's too late" to do what? Vote for McCain?


edluv said...

just to be clear, i don't think it's racist either. i recognize it's the joker, although i guess some people could think it's reverse blackface (maybe?). i just saw they had some linked stories on their website that mention how it was being called that.

Monticore said...

Oh snap I heard the right-winger-talk-puppets going off on this.

Lulu said...

Did you hear some people are trying to STILL argue that Obama is not a US citizen and they want to prove it by seeing if he is circumsized? Effing nut jobs!