Tuesday, August 25, 2009

let them eat cake!

this week the met will be hosting a cool musical event, perhaps the first one since the re-opening shows (i can't remember). if features a cool out of town band, le switch, along with several notable fresno acts, like rademacher and the aircrash. the bands will all be playing on the fourth floor, and i hear that they will positioned in front of 180 degree western windows that will be open to show off fresno's night time skyline. the dj's, taffy and heinz, are two of the dj's that have hosted fresno's longstanding dance night of meatball magic.

cool music, and i hear there will be some delicious treats. i've forgotten exactly what the rumor i heard was, but i think it was desserts from charlotte's bakery and cupcakes from, well, cupcakes. but i may be remembering that wrong. what i do remember was that they'll have $5 drink tickets that can be used for cocktails. yeah, boy!

make some plans, you're headed downtown to the met this friday night.


Anonymous said...

looks like a great show!!! :) I'll be working, but big props!

Monticore said...

They better have a better way of keeping it 21 and older than the last time I went to the Met for an Adult's only party.

edluv said...

yeah, they're actually carding people, and it's after the met closes. so, i would imagine they're clearing everyone out and then letting in people that buy tix.

Anonymous said...

This sounds kinda awesome - may have to hit it up!