Monday, August 17, 2009

dog vs man break dance battle, brother ali's new song

so, here are two videos to check out, and they actually work pretty well together. the first is the official first song off brother ali's next album (thanks mike oz's twitter!).

i recommend you start the song playing, and then scroll down and load the next video:

this next video doesn't really have sound worth listening to, hence the brother ali track to enjoy, but there was a dog (guy in a suit) dancing on a corner, as what i assume was an add for some pet shop or something. dude runs up and starts a break dancing battle against the dog (thanks boing boing).

what a battle. the dog is rather impressive for being in a big mascot suit.


Lulu said...

That dog has some mad skillz. Is that what the kids are saying these days? Probably not. Oh well.

Got Dog Kennels said...

That's pretty funny.

MsJoey said...

That was the BEST thing I've seen in a loooong time! Man, that dog wasn't playin!