Wednesday, August 19, 2009

barney frank schools lady at town hall meeting

barney franks gets all, 'oh no you didn't' on some lady @ a town hall meeting.


Justin said...

yes, I think the whole damn democratic party needs to step up and start calling this shit out for the idiocy it is...without reverting to the same idiocy themselves ala Pelosi's "brown shirts" comments

Lulu said...

Barney Frank sounds like Lewis Black.
And people need to settle the fuck down. This is getting ridiculous and it is why it is so hard to get policies changed or fixed or improved. So much time is wasted on these people who clearly don't know what they are talking about.

edluv said...

you're like hitler because you want people to settle down. just kidding.

i do think it is terrible that people would go to these town hall meetings and make ludicrious claims without actually having done any research on the issues. i understand asking questions about the policy, but these people that are just going to try and shout down speakers is stupifying.

brodiemash said...

Fuck 'em up, Barney!

The Jay said...

Cspan showed the entire session last night, and Becky and I watched most of it. Well, I watched it and teacher/coach/mother Becky slept through it.

It was very interesting, and I was really impressed with the way Frank handled a hostile crowd. I've never payed much attention to him in the past, so I was curious to see what he was like. The whole meeting was like this clip.