Sunday, April 13, 2008

fresno grizzlies vs tuscon sidewinders

so, saturday night we headed over to the chuck to watch the grizzlies play the sidewinders. the game started around 7, so the sun was setting on the stadium as i arrived. this is fortunate, because we were sitting in the left field bleachers. they're cheap tickets ($7), and for night games they're pretty nice. you get some breeze, and you feel really close to the action. we started sitting in this area during fuego games, and this was the first time i've watched the grizzlies from there. i'll definitely sit there again for night games. the sun/heat/etc may be too much during a day game.

most of the game was either good pitching or bad hitting, i'm not sure which. the grizzlies had a 1-0 lead for a bit, and then it was tied @ 1. the game looked like it could go to extra innings, and then tuscon took the lead in the top of the eight. i actually figured we were done for even though it was only 2-1.

but the grizzlies proved me wrong. the grizz put in pinch hitter who promptly was down 0-2 and looked to strike out. and then he homered to left. not quite near enough to us to grab the ball, but close enough for us to watch the small scrum. then the grizzlies got some men on with timely hitting. the bases were loaded by an intentional walk. this turned out to be a bad move because the pitcher threw a wild one and the winning run came in. three quick outs in the top of the ninth and the fans went home happy.

some other moments from the night:
- i bought a new hat. the grizzlies changed up their logo and color scheme to be more in line with the giants, so i sprung for a fitted cap. this is the first grizzlies hat i've owned, and mainly i got it to represent fresno & the giants. i was always baffled why the aaa affiliate didn't work the same color scheme.
- my hot dog was cold, this chili fries were mediocre, and the pretzel heather had tasted a bit off. mike said his pretzel was stale. not good for the second home game of the season.
- we were sitting behind a very strange, and later rather drunk man that provided some comedy. the guy was wearing a kobe bryant jersey and two hats (one lakers, one free grizzlies hat given out @ the game). he was yelling the whole night, which was fine. the comedy comes in when he decided to go get a beer in one of the later innings. on his way out he stepped on someone's nachos. twice. cheese all over his shoe. didn't say sorry, didn't really acknowledge that he just stepped in someone's nachos, just kept going. on the way back he stepped gingerly around the nachos and then told his wife that someone spilled nachos. yeah, it was you. he later dropped the beer he was drinking (#5), which was fine, because clearly he had enough. later, supernut needed to use the restroom and he plowed into a family on the way out and in. these are the same people with the nachos. again, no sorry, no excuse me, just plow through. while he was in the restroom he missed the homerun. ha ha.
- mike had the comedic drop of the night with, "remember when kobe bryant jacked your nachos?" this was funny, loud, and somewhat awkward because kobe's wife was sitting in the row in front of us. but we had a good laugh about it then, and later as well.
- we got on the jumbotron. i think it was in between the 8th and 9th inning. the funny thing is, the didn't get our whole group. there was only 6 of us, but i think they cut off the ends. so, heather, mike, kasey and i were on it, but not adam and dennis. adam might have been on, i'm not sure. but dennis was a tad upset the cut him off.


flowgun said...

Yeah, I had to comment on it because Adam WAS on the jumbotron with with rest of you. But not me. Jerks.

Anonymous said...

DH's will often swing away. It's a gamble, but your hitter has got to swing. When do they play the Sky Sox? Go to one of those and let's talk the smakkage.

wv: cwxifxha. Try to get something out of that!

(This is jay)

flowgun said...

PS You forgot to mention the chili cheese fry that I dropped on the guy in front of me.

edluv said...

dang, i did forget that. i think it's because i was gone for that, which i would have treasured.

The Lulu said...

Kobe Bryant was awesome, easily the most entertaining part of the game.
We should all go up and watch a Giants game sometime too, it would be a fun little road trip.

Adam said...

Hey, remember that time Kobe Bryant jacked your nachos?

edluv said...

i know mike wants to go see a giants game, and i'm almost always down for it.

i wonder who they're playing the night before we fly to co. since we're leaving @ the crack o dawn, maybe we go up, see a game, do things in a different city, chill @ the airport.