Wednesday, April 23, 2008

jimmy justice busts the nypd

saw this interesting video on boing boing. essentially, it's this guy videoing and interacting w/a member of the nypd.

warning, the language is very salty. or blue. or nsfw. or whatever way you want to acknowledge that there is language that may be offensive, and so use discretion of when you'll watch this video.



Uber Steve said...

I saw a similar video a while back, and I always wondered what, if anything, happens to these cops. I also wonder why that other lady is such a zombie citizen- "because of the terrorism" (you'll have to use your imagination to see my eyes rolling for that one).
On a side note, I wish people still referred to offensive content as "blue".

The Jay said...

Cop is in the wrong. Dude is a prick. Nothing changes. I want my 3:27 back.

wv: petnu. I am a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Nerds & Ubergeeks.

The Lulu said...

What?? Cops break the law and ignore parking violations?? I am shocked. Truly it will take the rest of the day to recover from it.

edluv said...

i also read a story yesterday about a guy (citizen) in portland who wrote a ticket to a cop for something similar. the cop was eating chinese food @ a restaurant and parked in a red zone. the guy wrote up 4 or so things, and the ticket would total up to $540.

it's going to court at least.

edluv said...

and jay, although i agree with you on both counts, you can't have your time back. you decided to watch it. it's the risk you take.

steve, yeah, i love that terrorism bs line. that one is coming up soooo much now. anything we don't want you to do, terrorism. it's been interesting to read about photographers in england getting snatched up or harassed for taking pictures. terrorism.

The Lulu said...

Well here is another thing as I have been thinking about it, I dont have a big problem with cops parking illegally because of the following scenario. Lets just say in order to park legally they have to park a few blocks away from where they are going which they do and then go in to a restaraunt and have lunch. While they are eating they get a call that there is a crime in proress, robbery, rape, gun violence or what have you and they have to quickly get to a crime scene. If I am being raped I think I would be ok with a cop parking illegally if they are going to get to me earlier than if they parked legally 3 blocks away. Cops need to get places quickly, more quickly than you or I do in emergency and life or death situations so I dont have a problem bending the rules a little in their favor.

In the scenario on the video that wasnt the case but I am thinking if she did get an emergency call she wasn't going to be getting anywhere very quickly if she wasnt in a car.

Just a different perspective because I dont think the issue is as black and white as it is presented.

flowgun said...

My students are taking the state test. I let them know that not using a #2 pencil is rebellion, and thus, teorrorism.

ps i very much enjoyed this video. it sort of reminds me of when Christians get called on sin they preach against. Only Christians don't have to wear a badge with their name and title.

Good times.