Tuesday, April 22, 2008

someone sounds a lot like bush

either the bbc isn't that good at reporting the news, or someone's campaign may be a hair out of touch.

"The economy once again emerged as the most important issue for voters, with more than 80% of those surveyed saying the nation was already in a recession.

On Tuesday, Mrs Clinton emphasised what she says is a strength - her leadership ability and foreign affairs credentials."

hmm, economy, #1. clinton stresses foreign policy & leadership. which one of those is economy.

and then she said, "If I'm the president, we will attack Iran... we would be able to totally obliterate them."

sure, it was in response to the idea that iran had attacked israel, so it wasn't like it was some sort of preemptive strike on them (cough cough, i'm looking at you mc cain). but, obliterate isn't exactly the type word that cries out diplomacy, or even wise foreign policy.

what it does remind me of is a certain other president that loved to sabre rattle. but he was a decider, so i guess it all works out.


Adam said...

Yeah, didn't you notice Obama tiptoeing around that issue in the debate as well? He all but said he'd attack Iran too.

And not to sound like a Ron Paul supporter, but fixing our foreign relationships would have an effect on the economy. Like, if we stopped the war in Iraq (Clinton's plan is faster than Obama's on this issue) we'd have lots more money to spend on domestic issues.

edluv said...

yes, they both said that there would be a military response to an attack on israel by iraq. however, obama "tiptoeing" around the issue and yet still saying that there would be an response isn't quite the same as saying we would obliterate them.

now, i will admit, i did like clinton's response during the debate a bit more than obama's because she emphasized that it wasn't just israel that we cared about in the area. aggressive behavior towards any country in the area would require a response.

but, she still is a hawk. and her record clearly displays that she is one. so even if her timetable for withdrawing from the iraq is a bit quicker, it doesn't change the fact that she's engaging in counterproductive saber rattling.

Adam said...

Well, I prefer the term pandering. And no one is free of that charge.