Monday, April 07, 2008

i recommend the food, the coffee, and maybe the art

i hope i'm not jinxing things, but i talked to someone interested in buying two (two!) of my pieces. she came into the cafe today for lunch or something, enjoyed my art, and remembers seeing some of it in last year's rogue show. so, she left her card w/the shop and i gave her a call. she's supposed to call me back later in the week, after she takes her husband by to see if he liked it, too (from the rogue).

often, when i talk to people about vocation, life and art, i try and say something to the effect of, "if i was doing this for the pay i would have quit a long time ago." and it's mostly true. i'm not doing art because i'm trying to get paid/make a living/whatever.

but, damn, there is something nice about that psuedo-validation of selling work.

on a funny/strange note, i was at the cafe having a bite to eat before i went to track (one of the things i do that regularly pays). i was grading papers (part of one of the other things i do for regular cash), drinking some coffee, and as i already said, having some lunch. as i left, i passed two ladies that were on their way in, and were talking about the food, something about hoping it was good. i interjected that they had a delicious chicken tortilla soup today, and continued on my way. turns out one of those ladies was the one interested in my work. so glad i recommended the food.


Adam said...

Congratulations man. Here's hoping you sell a bunch more. Then we can rent that bar/slash workshop and fulfill our dreams.

Adam said...

Hmmmm...a bit redundant with the two slashes there. Ah well.

m.wise said...

adam, some of us are more putting both in was the right move, i think!

carly said...

i just thought that a 'slash workshop' was an actual place.

where they make snuff films or something.

Monticore said...

I don't want to hear any more about this DAMN BAR!!!!