Wednesday, April 16, 2008

something different for the riff raff?

hey, there is a hip hop show tonight @ starline, and i'm thinking about going. but, i'm torn because it interferes with my love for our general riff raffery.

go over to this part of the beehive (God bless you, mike oz) listen to a few songs (via youtube videos) and let me know if you're down.

that is, assuming we can get tix @ the door. $10 seems totally worth it to me.


The Lulu said...

Everything is changing, bah!

Sounds cool Ed but I am going to pass. I have been pissing my money away lately and I look forward to the laid back dice rolling of Landmark.

If you all decide to do that instead though just let me know so I am not the big loner loser by myself at Landmark.

Adam said...

I'm not feeling it man, sorry. I think I'll hang with Kasey and chill at LM.

m.wise said...

i will most likely be hanging out at landmark with adam, kasey and whoever else in celebration of adam being accepted and deciding to attend school. maybe i can hang out with you and heather after work today. i'll give you a call.

edluv said...

well landmark it is. by the time i got home from track i wasn't feeling like standing in a crowd. so it all works out.

Mike Oz said...

not to worry, i'll have some video online tomorrow.