Tuesday, April 15, 2008

some pictures for friends

i was poking around the ol' series of tubes and saw some pictures that reminded me of friends. so, i started trying to find pictures on boing boing for as many as i could. if i didn't get one for you, it's only because i couldn't find one, not because i didn't think of you.

kasey, you got this whole post started because, well, you love sandals on men. and what's better than fuzzy sandals for men or women?

nick, this is a statue of the first dog in space (that lived through it)

mike, this is super mario underwear.

sara, this is a lego character that teaches biochemistry. (link)

adam, this is an amazing staircase. build me one.

jay, i forgot what this monkey thing was all about, but it cracks me up. remember when we used to talk on the track bus about who would win in a fight, and i always loved throwing in monkey with a knife?

justin, it seems like you should have these bowls. you bought us bowls for our wedding w/similar notches to put chopsticks in. thanks, we probably didn't send you a card.

heather, this is a card that you can plant, it's got seeds in it and will grow those, well, plants.

and these are psychologist finger puppets.

and, well, this is for me, because what's more pimpin than fur coats?


timidvenus said...

oh, thanks ed. i heart leggos

Adam said...

That is an awesome staircase.

edluv said...

i saw a slightly different version of the staircase on another website. a subtle detail of both (the one here and the one not here) that i didn't notice at first is that the staircase is suspended from the ground. and a beautiful cut-away. amazing stuff.

m.wise said...

thanks, ed

The Lulu said...

Oh Ed, you are too funny.

Those are some interesting flip flops. Of course wearing those in the summer in Fresno is probably tantamount to walking on a wet sheep, eww (ha, get it?).

And that staircase is bad ass!

I also used to have a t-shirt that had two monekys knife fighting on a pirate ship, it was awesome and I wish I still had it.

Adam said...

Yeah, I saw the suspension. Amazing engineering if it's anything more than a protype or model. It certainly doesn't look like a full-grown human could use it.

The Jay said...

What? The monkey would totally get beat down by a kangaroo with nunchuks!

Or if you don't like that, then how about a monkey wizard (LOTR, not Harry Potter) vs. an octopus jedi? Now that's a matchup.

m.wise said...

becky, don't let your boy talk trash on harry potter.

Monticore said...

Jay what about Alien vs Preditor? That's not even a competition. Alien would totally kick ass.

Sara did you know next month the Lego turns 50 years old!

Ed I don't think I know who all those psychologist are. I'm going to guess S. Frued, K. Jung and A. Frued. Do you think it would freak the kids out if I started to uses them in my assessments? Those anotomically correct dolls also give me the creeps