Thursday, April 03, 2008

mcc sale fresno

ah, it's that time of the year. the time for fresno pacific's big yard sale...errr....the west coast mennonite central committee's sale. all jokes aside, the mcc sale is a great function that raises money for world relief (under the mcc umbrella ella ella ella eh eh eh).

so, if you're in fresno on friday evening or all day saturday, head over to fresno pacific and hit up the sale. one warning: parking is always a mess over there @ the time of the sale. but, definitely have a fritter or dozen, if you can, eat a sausage sandwich (those mennos know how to make great german sausage). if it's cold, look for borscht. and if you must, eat a mennonite dinner role, i mean zwiebach.

unfortunately, i won't be able to join you, i'll be working @ a track meet.


The Jay said...

Dang, I miss the MCC Sale.

Zwiebachs are special, I don't care what you say. They're different.

And I will miss rummaging through an endless stack of Herb Alpert and Christmas singers compilation LPs to find the one gem folk album. And buying books that I'll never read but are funt o have on the shelf. And watching the quilt auction (the one I have is still fantastic and warm). And touching absolutely EVERYTHING in the Ten Thousand Villages tent.

And yeah, those fritters.

Maybe we'll make it to MCC next year.

Adam said...

Wow, your experience with the book sale room exactly mirrors my experience. That's where I found a Willie Nelson record and Ladies Home Erotica.