Tuesday, September 06, 2005

perspective, sweet perspective

i am in a fantasy football league. i consider it a fun little diversion. i'm competitive and want to win. recently, i've been really pissed about it. see, we're using msn/foxsport's version. it's supposed to be great. it's got all sorts of features and it's free! last year, we used yahoo. it was functional, but to get things like live updates you had to pay $10. so, this seemed so much better. that is, until we really started to use it. freakin site is often down, features don't work, etc and the season starts thursday. so i'm complaining to friends, trying to see if maybe we should switch back to yahoo, and so on.

then i remember that i'm at home. hundreds of thousands are currently displaced. i'm slapped in the face that thousands have died due to a catastrophe. i'm informed about a typhoon hitting japan and people dying there. or about a bridge falling down in iraq and around a thousand people dying while trying to visit a religious site. or numerous other things.

and i shut my own mouth and realize that my little problems need to be put in perspective

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