Tuesday, September 13, 2005

is he cutting his own throat?

i haven't formed any real opinions about the guy that is nominated for chief justice. so, this morning as i skimmed the news i read about how roberts was basically telling the senate that roe v. wade was a settled issue. so, i popped over to drudge to get a righty perspective and read this article. there's a lot in there that i think conservatives may find troubling.

yet, the cynic in me keeps thinking, "is this just a little 'wink, wink, i'll vote this way and i'm just saying this to get in' type of situation?"


Adam said...

What's really suspicious is that he and GW have the same wavy comb-over part thing going on.

Uber Steve said...

I also found that interesting...I can't believe the cons aren't gonna freak. And though the trojan horse theory is interesting, he is under oath and he was fairly straight-forward in that response, as well as in regards to right to privacy.