Friday, September 16, 2005

simmons on last night's survivor

i admit, i just copied this from bill simmons, who is one of my favorite columnists.

1. Note to the "Survivor" producers: Not nearly enough good-looking women this season. Next time you're choosing between the struggling actress with 36C's and Lydia the Professional Fishmonger, go with the struggling actress. Just trust me.

2. As much as I like having Stephenie back, the person who plucked her eyebrows before the show started was apparently the same person who built Denny Green's two-point conversion chart. What the hell? On the bright side, it did lead to an entire hour of "This tribe has really raised my eyebrows" jokes.

3. You probably know that former NFL QB Gary Hogeboom is one of the tribe members this season, which was initially disappointing for me because, if a former NFL QB ever went on "Survivor," I had always hoped it would be Jeff George (just to see how fast he would get voted off). But here's what you didn't know -- Hogeboom acts and speaks like Carl Spackler in "Caddyshack." It's uncanny -- he even does the crooked jaw thing. And now that I have mentioned it, you will never be able to watch him on this show again without waiting for him to scream, "It's a little harsh ... here, cannonball it. Cannonball it right back. And then one more right on top of it. Cannonball! Cannonball coming!"

in other news, nick cannon is hilarious!

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