Tuesday, September 27, 2005

amazing race

i love amazing race. it's right there behind survivor for me. frankly, mark burnett knows how to make reality tv. although "the cut" w/hilfiger stunk. anyway, back to the point. tonight was the first episode of this season. the twist is that it's family groups of 4.

so, they started out in n.y.c., had to go to soho. from there they went to where washington crossed the delaware. this cross is from pa. to nj or ny. okay, my geography sucks. i admit, i am from california (my crap gov. says kal-ee-fohr-nya) and basically it's the west coast, and the rest coast. but i digress. so, as many of you know, our good tim is out here, attending seminary w/me, from beautiful pa. so, let the text messaging begin.

me: hey amish, do you live near washington's crossing? amazing race is going there.
tim: nah.
me: what about mt. joy? they're going there now. to (some farm i forgot name)
tim: my joy is fifteen minutes from my house.
me: what about the farm? it's a co-op of some sort
tim: don't think so
(by now, tim has flipped it on, but i dont know and am typing)
tim: yeah, a lot of farms are that way. it's how they sell their milk. can't believe the dumb bitch got ran over
ed:(haven't got message above yet) hey, turn on 47 now and you'll see this lady get run over by a buggy.
(read message from tim again, and respond)
ed: worse yet, her husband got ran over and died. worked at nascar race track and got killed picking up debris and hit by car.
tim: those buggies do have breaks
ed: and they told them how to use them
tim: pathetic
ed: how close to rorher farm in lancaster
tim: i know the rohrer's (he spelled it right, i spelled it wrong despite it being on screen). i work 2 farm's down (although the apostrophe is misplaced so there)
ed: sweet
tim:i lived on bluerock rd. too
tim: he's not amish (that apostrophe is right)
ed: menno?
tim: costume
ed: how can you be sure?
tim: buttons
ed: dang, thats weak sauce
tim: plus he's on camera
ed: menno wouldn't?
tim: they drove right by my old house
ed: fahqin cool man. this is going on my blog.
tim: mennonite men don't wear color
tim: mennonite men also don't wear amish hats.

so there it is folks. the family that i labeled as the favorites (3 brothers + sister) finished second to last today. but it's only the first week so they can come back. the fist team eliminated had the last name of black, and ironically, they were aftrican-american. my wife did a double take when they were introduced and she saw them on screen.

now, five or so minutes after the show over, tim texted me: "that made me miss home"
i got to hand it to the guy, i didn't leave everything and everyone i know to go to school for 3 years. give tim a hug when you see him.

peace out until tomorrow! put some weak sauce on your breakfast for all of us.


timmy said...

So I had to open up a friggin blog to post on this, and now I must rewrite what I already typed.

I thought that seeing as how I was envolved with the text messaging I would comment on this.

First I was watching the show from the beginning and it is an alright show. This time, however, it appears that the show will make you dizzy. There is to much to watch.

And yes, I thought that it was funny that the lady tried to stop a buggy by getting in front of it.

So my real excitement came when I realized that they were going to a farm that was half way between where I lived and where I worked on another farm. So I know who the Rohrer family is (or know of them). My real beef came when the portrayed them as Amish.

You wouldn't be able to tell the Rohrer's apart from any other Joe Shmoe walking down the street. Not to mention the Guy they showed as Amish wasn't Amish.

Four quick reasons 1: He had buttons on his shirt, 2: He was wearing suspenders, 3: His beard wasn't cut right, and 4: HE WAS ON CAMERA!

Amish people do not get their pictures taken, for various reasons. At first this didn't bother me. But the more I thought about it the more it bothered me. CBS portrayed this group of people without respect. And also how friggin credible is the rest of their show? How much other stuff do they fake?

Anyway enough of that, I already wrote CBS an e-mail.

Wonder if I will ever hear back from them.

The Jay said...

That kinda sucks. That show was one of the few that I liked, despite that they put Americans into situations where they have to act like your standard-issue Ugly American Tourists in order to win the stupid game and extend their fifteen minutes.
(deep breath)
Anyway, I'm a bit miffed that it's faked. And yeah, they treated the Amish with disrespect, but they do that to everybody.
Tim, it's cool that that's right where you are.
I'm not going to watch the show. I already have commitments to Lost and Las Vegas. I like my television real, and by that I mean I want it to acknowledge that it's scripted. I'm tired of reality TV. Until they start with the new Fear Factor Season.

Heath said...

I did not see that show but there are many kinds of Amish, just as there are many kinds of ice cream. I myself attended a Beachy Amish church for a time when I lived in Texas, they had buttons, some had no beards, they drove cars and had phones. The more "conservative" of them had hooks and eyes, and they still had a color code for clothes and men and women sat on opposite sides of the church, and they still spoke low German, etc. Their cars had no radios or chrome, nor did they have TVs, among other things. Nicest freaking people you'd ever run into, and the men did most of the parenting for the little ones. Anyway, whoever this man was on the tele may have been one of the many other types of Amish and not have been a plant from the network.

timmy said...

I don't want to get into a large debate, however I have seen beechy Amish and this guy wasn't. I believe that it comes down to this, CBS is pulling the wool over the eyes of its viewers. Period. I respect the fact that, heath attended a beechy Amish church, but this guy was supposed to be old order. Any way. Whatever. The jay- You should try prison break instead of Las Vegas... I made the switch and it has been fulfilling. Or at least been decent TV watching.

edluv said...

prison break over las vegas is a good move. i'm watching. although, i admit, it's not great tv. it's decent, although you may be lost on some of the intricacies of the story you've missed. who am i kidding? tv nowadays is designed to allow you to pick it up whenever.

besides, they're tinkering with vegas (new casino owner but jimmy cahn is still on the show?)