Tuesday, September 20, 2005

rockstar inxs finale

before rockstar inxs, i watched my name is earl & the office. both were funny. i liked the episodes of the office from last year, although i’ve not seen the english version. i hear they’re good. anyway, my name is earl was worth a second watch.

onto the finale of rockstar inxs. the final three are mig, jd and marty. all of the previous contestants were there as well. what will happen on the show? my money is on…tons of recap.

and at about 10:16 the power went out. we’ll see if i get to watch and journal any more.

so, the power came back on at…11:59. roll credits.

who won? jd was on stage @ the end, so i'm guessing him.

1 comment:

edluv said...

it was him. i saw it later on the internet