Saturday, September 03, 2005

slaying the dragon

it's been a long time coming...and i think it finally happened.

the u.s. men's national soccer team has become the most dominant in our region. today we defeated mexico 2-0. it was a sloppy game, but both goals were very good. they weren't just lucky little accidents. one was off a set play, a header deflected off the post to another guy who put it home. the other was just a nice shot. and, we could have had one or two more. our defense didn't let mexico get anything going, and their stars looked pretty frustrated.

i'm sure when if we play them again @ azteca stadium in mexico city before the world cup it will be a war. but we're ready.

it was great to hear the spanish announcer (i don't have cable so it's spanish soccer broadcast for me) say after the second goal, "sprechen si deutche?" okay, i don't know if any of that was spelled right but it was a great moment. the u.s. is officially in world cup 06 in germany. i'm sure mexico will be there too, but just not yet.

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