Tuesday, September 06, 2005

rockstar inxs update 9/6/05

rockstar inxs update 6 september 2005
ah, the ongoing saga to replace michael hutchinson, rest in peace. for various reason, queen has been on my mind a lot lately. can you imagine if they did this sort of thing? i mean there really isn’t any reason why the couldn’t or wouldn’t. but i just don’t think they would.

(did you ask a woman about the jennifer love hewitt thing?)

tonight’s twist: at the end they’ll show voting for all five remaining contestants, and each person is doing 2 songs tonight, and tonight’s song selection is in the voters’ hands.

brooke burke’s outfit is terrible. heather says it looks like pajamas with a belt.

jd – “come as you are” – he’s back to rearranging things. this is terrible. his cadence is like stop then go, stop then go. it’s all very boring. even the band sounds terrible. then they kicked the music up to normal tempo and at least the band sounded good. that pogo jump was friggin lame.
song 2 is his own –“pretty vegas”. i’m impressed with his writing skills, as it seemed like some catchy 80’s rock tune, ala inxs. in that way, it helped him in the competition. and the band liked it. i don’t know the title connection though.

suckie mcmeal, errr, suzie mcneal – "i can’t make you love me” – “I did such an epic job on bohemian rhapsody.” ugh, this chick’s ego bothers me as much as jd’s. flat notes all over. earlier in the comp, they really pointed out these things.
original song is called “soul life” and is dedicated to ty. i’m distracted by yet another huge, and i mean huge ring, like a plate. what’s with all these rings that people are wearing? “tripping down the avenuuuuuu” bleh. dave electra says he’s never heard here sing a note off key. what? then why didn’t he disagree when the band told her that in the past? horsebleep.

mig – “hard to handle” – better hair than last week. felt like a pretty average performance to me. mig was very active, but nothing really stood out good or bad vocally. just sorta there.
original piece is called “home in me” about moving on after loosing a friend. i guarantee there will be a comment by one band person about the song touching them because they too know what it’s like to lose someone. song is overly breathy. not an impressive songwriting display.
(dave electra stole the thunder by bring out the loosing someone comment. the band didn’t feel the song was their style and people need to remember you’re trying out for them. really, is that what the title of the show means?)

jordis – “we are the champions” – will she do it better than jd? heather sticks by her assessment from that night that jd didn’t do it well at all. jordis even says that in her taped interview. she had some real good moments in this, also had some tone problems. the slow parts had a nice, sultry feel to them. good stage presence, too.
original song called “try not” – i wouldn’t think she would write such a bluesy sounding song. done well. she’s working her way back into being a good fit for inxs. dave electra doesn’t feel the energy in her lower register.

marty – “everlong” –i love this song, one of my favorites. i won’t hold this against him no matter how it goes. he did worry about inxs’ comments about him screaming. he must have forgot that the acoustic version is as well received as the original, if not more so. no he didn’t, did it acoustic. a few tone probs. some can be attributed to his different sounding voice, a few he just missed the note. well done.
original piece called “trees” – lyrically there isn’t much to this song. sang it well. sounded good and I liked the musical aspect. this guy must really like the killers though. the band really loved it.

Very first voting results top to bottom: marty suzie jd mig jordis.

What I learned tonight:
1. jd can write songs, or at least write a song
2. jordis can still sing
3. marty can write a catchy tune and he’s probably the leader right now

here’s what I think the order should be, based solely on tonight: marty jordis jd suzie mig


Adam said...

Here's Suckie! I called it. She's gonna win it all. I don't even watch the show, but she's gotta win.

The Jay said...

I did the JLH thing with a group of three girls. At first they were like "I like her, I guess..." but then it instantly turned into "Her boobs are weird" and "She has a kinda horse-face"

So that was amusing. What was your experience?

Lefty said...

I have a feeling two folks will be eliminated tonight. I think the two girls will find that they're "just not right for the band". Mig is losing some of his magic that had me in his camp, and I have to say J.D. wowed me with his performance. As much as I hate his personality, he might have the machismo, if not the talent to bet INXS next lead singer.

Also I get the feeling that Marty isn't so much is looking at being the singer of INXS, but angling himself to be front and center that when he comes in as runner-up he can start his own band. Or maybe he's looking to be the lead singer of Creed.

edluv said...

creed, hilarious. chris, i think you're right about the marty angle. shoot, i don't think any of them are really right for the band.

edluv said...

oh yeah, the love hewit thing. i asked heather the night i posed the question. here response had to do with a few things: she's not a good actress but seems to still get roles; she played audrey hepburn (a sin in my wife's eyes); her boobs got too big too fast. i think that third one is key for most women, especially since a lot of guys seem to drool over her. and i think number one has a lot to do with number 3.

btw, i stole that question from bill simmons of espn page2. he pointed it out a while back and talked about how his wife went off for like 10 minutes on it and suggested people give it a try. so i did. if i remember, i'll do it again tonight at well wednesday if any of our lady friends (becky, carrie) are out

edluv said...

oh yeah, i ditched the stuipid letter verification deal. it seemed to not work enough when i posted.