Monday, September 19, 2005

something new

it's been fun lately. i've met a bunch of new people. i like to think of it as networking. not that i've really gotten to know any of them, just a comfortable level to say hi when i see them around.

and here's another plug for my photos (link on the right). best place to see my art, and i'm starting to add photos of friends and such.

peace out for now


Adam said...

Dude, I went to the I'm Oscar dot com page. Pretty funny. I'm a little concerned though, if their counter is working and not bogus, I was only the 42nd visitor. There had to be more people than that who watched the show and checked out the prison blog.

I just don't know.

edluv said...

i hadn't checked it out...yet

edluv said...

their counter doesn't work. said 42 for me too