Tuesday, January 26, 2010

pork new york dinner

i've told you before about the pork new york steak. well, i made one tonight for dinner.

after thawing the pork out, i made a rub that mainly consisted of crushed black pepper and garlic, with a little bit of sea salt. i would tell you measurements, but i really don't have a clue on the pepper or salt. i do know i used 1 tsp of the pre-crushed garlic. i also added a small amount of olive oil to flavor and coat the meat. after seasoning the meat, i let it sit for a bit so the flavor could take hold a bit before cooking.

while the meat seasoned i cooked some black eyed peas. i grew up eating these little deals, along with things like fried okra and other southern dishes. i admit, i have yet to make okra right. it generally comes out way too oily and soggy. maybe i'll get it some day. anyhow, i was just doing black eyed peas as a side tonight. while they were finishing up i broiled the pork for about 9 minutes, flipping at 3 & 6 minutes. after cooking, i let it rest on the plate for 2 minutes and then plated the black eyed peas.

so, how did it taste? pretty good. i was happy with the peas, and overall i thought the pork new york was decent. it wasn't great, and i think it could've used something to give it a little more kick. but, i still enjoyed my meal

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Lulu said...

I dont think I have ever tried black eye peas, I will have to give them a shot one of these days. The pork looks delicious, I love the simple marinade, it always works so well.

Mike has this rub he got in Arizona called Suzanne's Gourmet Desert rub that we use on everything from eggs to steak, to pork to potatoes that I would highly reccomend. It has a little bite to it and a lot of flavor.