Sunday, January 10, 2010

r.i.p. ipod photo

you had a nice, long life. i bought you in 2005 and you were my first ipod. before you it was cd players and travel cases filled with plastic. we became very good friends and i loved your long battery life on road trips. over the years i used you to show off my artwork, record presentations and meetings and even played an occasional game of solitaire.

i know, we didn't spend as much time together over the last few years because i had that new fangled iphone. and this last year i got a new ipod "classic." you became heather's after her ipod mini went belly up. and through it all you worked beautifully. it was almost a badge of honor to break you out and have people by shocked by such an old ipod.

but it couldn't last forever. sadly, your hard drive wound down for the last time. sure, we'll replace you, but we will miss you as well.


brodiemash said...

RIP iPod. I remember when my first iPod died. It was a sad day, indeed.

Adam said...

I remember when my first iPod died, and then the refurbished one sent under warranty died, and then the next refurbished one died and then Apple told me to buy a new one.