Saturday, January 16, 2010

rudy jr.'s chicken man

about a year ago someone told me about the goodness that is chicken man. it wasn't far from my house, but i'd never heard of it. so, i filed that recommendation away in my head for future use. yesterday, i finally made it over.

honestly, this place is tucked away between streets. it's unassuming location and building might fool you into thinking that the food might not be so good. you'd be wrong to think that. their food was amazing. and, the quality of food is why a odd location and building don't hurt the business. seriously, it's that good.

i went with two friends who had eaten their before, one who had been eating there for quite a long time. they both had the sourdough burger with cheese. the burger looked great, and comes on slices of sourdough bread. they also both ordered a piece of chicken on the side. myself, i decided to order some jalapeno poppers and the four piece chicken. the poppers were awesome. these weren't some store bought, frozen poppers. these were fresh, made right then in the restaurant poppers. and a bunch of them. when the chicken arrived, the waitress let me know that they threw in an extra piece. who does that? super nice. and wow, the flavor on the chicken was great. yeah, it's fried chicken, but it wasn't overly greasy. i mean, there's grease because it's fried, but it wasn't gross.

none of us finished our lunch, but we all took home our food for a tasty meal for later. me, i took home three pieces of chicken that heated up for a nice lunch today. i'll definitely go back and try more of the menu - like the burgers & ribs.


miriam said...

When I lived in those parts I would stop there for take-out. Best chicken in Fresno!

Anonymous said...

Rudy's for 20 years - Fried chicken doesn't get any better

blake said...

you said 'tucked between streets'--which streets? I wanna find it.

edluv said...

it's on hughes. but to get there you've got to turn on weber off of clinton, and then onto hughes. or, some other way.

MsJoey said...

I drive by there about 3 times a month picking up my daughters friend from Marks and Ashlan. I've always looked but never stopped. Now I have to stop and try those jalapeno poppers!
And chicken.