Thursday, January 28, 2010

rademacher rumors

so, facebook tells me that current rademacher guitarist jonathan hadden is moving to new york and will be leaving the band soonish. but, i have also heard that r.c. from el olio wolof may take over bass duties and malcolm sosa will return to guitar. i've got to say that it would be hella cool. we will see what happens. also heard they mat be bringing in a new guitarist as well. we will see.

i'm very exciteded about this news as a rademacher fanboy. we will see how it all goes.


the fresnan said...

Love to hear a new album for these dudes. And I like Mike playing guitar better too.

edluv said...

i was talking to malcolm last night, and he said that they're looking @ a lot of options for the band.

also, they're in the process of recording a new, full length album. malcolm said he has a very rough cut that he's listening to and is really excited about how it's going.