Sunday, December 27, 2009

pork new york

a long while back i discovered the new york steak. i loved the thickness, the flavor, and that it was on the menus of most decent restaurants. i occasionally buy a maxx pack of them and cook them up at home.

well, somewhat recently i discovered that food maxx (i assume other grocery stores do as well) carried a pork version of the cut. i thought i would try them out, especially because the pork versions are a lot cheaper than the beef versions. i like pork, and a well cooked steak is always a great eat. sometimes i whip one up for lunch, sometimes dinner, pretty much whenever i'm feeling up for it. generally, i broil the steak (beef or pork) because it's relatively quick and if i'm just doing one for me it seems like such a pain to go out and fire up the grill.

tonight was such a night. i tend to vary what i put on the steak. sometimes it's a pappy's rub, or just pepper or whatever looks interesting at the time. tonight, i crushed up some dried oregano, salt, pepper and a little garlic powder. i put a little bit of olive oil on the steak and then rubbed on my mix. then i popped it under the broiler. i use a meat thermometer and it takes about ten minutes to get to a safe level of doneness but still will be moist. i flipped the meat at the third and seventh minutes.

now, i was going to also cook up some mushrooms to go with the pork steak, but it seems my mushrooms had gotten a little moldy. d'oh! i couldn't quite figure out what else we had in our fridge that would go nicely. i decided i would heat up a tortilla that i would put down on the plate to soak up the juices and what not from the pork. i also put a little bit of a1 sauce on the steak.

i'm happy to say that it all turned out very well. the flavor from the rub was rather nice, and the little bit of a1 worked well. i was very happy that i had the saucy tortilla to cap off the meal.


Lulu said...

What, no pictures?? Sounds delicious!

edluv said...

i wasn't sure if i was going to blog about it when i started making stuff, so i didn't take any pictures early on. i think if i had the mushrooms i would've, mainly because i was going to try to broil them as well (a first time). food photos always seem so much nicer with a side dish.

when it was ready to eat i thought again about a picture, but then just decided to eat it.

MsJoey said...

Let us not forget the humble Rib Eye. I recently discovered it and all its grisley(sic) goodness.
I am hooked!