Sunday, January 03, 2010

i love fog

fresno has gotten a lot of negative press lately. over the last few months we have been slammed as the dumbest city by one group, had a negative article in the usa today, have been jokes on conan and jay, and even sent out some invites on youtube to the aforementioned comedians. if you follow the fresno blogosphere you've probably seen reference to some of those things.

in response, several fresnans have tried to be much more proactive about pushing the good things of fresno. james collier and barry falke are two guys i've met and are doing good work on their blogs. of course, there is also the fresnan and the beehive, all doing good things promoting fresno. and, yes, i'd like to think that adam and i do a fair share on our own blogs as well as on our podcast, the view looks good from here, fresno. but, new voices are also popping up on the scene. one that really intrigues me is 31 days of fresno, which is a facebook group (and a blog page). here is the description "31 Days of Fresno is a challenge to all Fresnans to post something they love about Fresno every day during the month of January. There has been a lot of talk about how to improve Fresno, and one of the things that always comes up is that in order to make Fresno a great place to live and to visit, we need to change how we view Fresno ourselves. I challenge you all to join me in this! If you're coming up short on things to love about our city, check out our links- you might find something you didn't know about before! Feel free to post your Fresno love on our page, it would be great to see what everyone else loves about living here. Please keep rude comments to yourself. We're trying to create a Fresno-positive community here"

cool idea. i doubt i'll post something every day there (i've already missed the first two days) but i'll check it regularly. and, i'm going to try and post more fresno positive stuff here right now. honestly, i haven't really put up too many posts lately that hyped or reviewed shows, or talked about stuff going on. i just haven't done too much. but, i'm getting to it. i promise.

so, here's something i love about fresno: the fog. now, i don't love it when i can't drive because it's soooo thick, but i enjoy a good fog (especially if it breaks up later in the day). i was in vegas for the n.y.e. holiday, and enjoyed their nice, clear skies. as we flew back i napped a little but awoke for our descent back to fresno. as we dropped in, i was greeted by the fog. it was strange, i couldn't tell how thick it was or how low we were. it was actually sorta frightening, since i was in a plane and had a slight worry we'd smash into the ground, but once we dropped through the layer of fog and i saw city lights (not the strip club but actual city lights) i looked fondly on fresno. i was glad to be back home. later in the night i stepped into my back yard and again looked up to enjoy the fog. the moon was pretty full and was shining through the mist. beautiful.

enjoy fresno over this next month.

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