Friday, January 22, 2010

bad blogger

yeah, i've been quite lax on my blogging lately. and, i know i wrote a piece last week about how i was going to try and get more done...and then didn't. my work schedule changed, coupled with afternoon stuff, and just being busy. and then i've got to mix in my general ability to forsake everything else to watch tv. yep. so, i haven't blogged much. been reading blogs though.

so, here's some stuff going on:
pub quiz is doing well after two weeks. we had 62 the first night, 77 the second. i wandered around during the second one and really tried to talk to each team, see if they're enjoying themselves and whatnot. seems like every is having a very good time. there are pics and a write up over @ our blog. for those that haven't already, you can also become a fan of us on facebook (fresno pub quiz) - we already have 90 people as "friends."

track season is getting into full swing. we've been doing our off season practice for a while, but now we're getting into season. of course, we've managed to have all of 2 practices due to all the rain. we were scheduled to have a throwers pentathalon today, but it was changed to tomorrow due to all the storms. sadly, this means i won't be there because i made plans to be out of town on saturday (since the event was today). later this afternoon i've got to go out to the track to do some work getting the venue ready for tomorrow's event. hopefully it won't rain and jack that plan up, and won't rain tomorrow. my throwers need to get some events under their belts. practice is good, but a meet always brings more energy, nerves and other stuff that they've got to get used to.

speaking of saturday, i'm headed to l.a. for my second usmnt game. this one is just a friendly, but it's against honduras, who also qualified for the world cup. our team won't be at it's best, as many of the bigger names won't be playing, but it will give us some insight of what our subs will look like in south africa, as well as help decide some of the positions still up in the air on the team. for more comprehensive breakdown, i suggest the shin guardian. i'm also excited because this is the first game i'm attending as a member of the american outlaws. and, i'm going with what is somewhat the basis for our potential fresno chapter. adam, carrie and her brother are signed up and official, vince and mike will get on board very soon, and myself. now, there may be more fresno area members out there, and we're in the process of locating them (or getting people joined up). it's fun to be a part of a supporters group, and it will be cool to link up with the l.a. outlaws group, and other outlaws from across the u.s. to pre-game at the off campus pub, march into the match together, and have a blast in the supporters section. hopefully the weather in carson will be nice enough. btw, it'll be my first match at the home depot center, home of the galaxy.

i haven't been to a movie or a local show in quite a while. need to change that soon.

anyway, i may post some cell shots from tomorrow's game, and some other stuff over the week. /end

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