Wednesday, January 06, 2010

lunch review - cosmopolitan tavern

i had long heard stories about the great food at the cosmo. i'd never been there, but always thought i'd give it a try. after seeing a picture of the cheddar burger on a local website i figured that it was time to get myself down there. my wife was off work, and so we were able to enjoy a nice lunch date.

upon entering i was a little unsure if we should seat ourselves and waiter for a server or what, but then i saw two cash registers where people were ordering their lunches.

i had a cup of the italian wedding soup, which was the daily special. it had a nice flavor, and the meatballs in it were great. the soup was a tad salty, but maybe that's just to my taste.

for my main i ordered the cheddar burger. after all, it's what got me down there. i also had some fries and a drink. honestly, the burger was great. it had a very good flavor and the lettuce on the burger was fresh and crisp - a great touch often neglected. the fries were decent, but i was pretty full from the burger and soup that the fries were a bit of an afterthought.

my wife ordered the tomato and basil sandwich, which she really enjoyed. actually, there were almost too many fresh tomato slices on it, and she took off a few just to make the sandwich a little more manageable for her. she ate half, and took the other half home for later. she also had the sweet potato fries which were good (i had a few myself).

overall, a very nice experience. people tell me that it's super busy between 11:45-12:30, so be warned that you may have to wait a short bit to get seated or for food. it's worth it though.

cosmopolitan tavern
1546 Fresno St
Fresno, CA 93706
(559) 264-5110

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