Wednesday, January 27, 2010

poster on poster

sometimes i'm surprised by people. really, this isn't a rant or anything, just an observation on weird things people do.

today (tuesday) i was in a stairwell at work and saw this:

you see, we're doing some haiti fundraisers, and they've posted signs about what's going all around school. hallways, stairwells, and so on. this sign, they've posted over a motivational poster. in a way, it's funny that they put it on some tacky motivational poster. but, really, how lame is it that they put this up with some sticky stuff in the freakin middle? why wouldn't you just take down the other poster, and then put up the sign? i mean, if there's a nail or something, you've already got a way to hang up the sign.

wacky. just wacky.


Justin said...

it worked, you noticed the flyer. I think it's a clever idea

Adam said...

Just wait til another event comes along and a flyer gets put on the flyer!

Monticore said...

You should put a passive aggressive sticky note in the middle of the flyer. Make it a tri-fecta

Lulu said...

I agree with Monti.