Thursday, November 12, 2009

cold november rain

i am an everyday rider. that is, i pretty much ride my motorcycle every day. and, i've been doing this for the last few years. warm, hot, cold, foggy, rain, whatever, i'm riding. when it gets colder, i put the windshield on the bike to cut the airflow a bit. i need to do this soon as it is crazy chilly in the morning and less wind on the body would help. when it rains, i have some rain pants that go over my regular pants, and a raincoat that goes over my jacket and they keep me nice and dry.

my rain gear was getting a little tattered, so yesterday i went and got some new duds over @ cycle gear.

my new overcoat

yeah, it's bright, but you will see me.

my new pants

pretty basic, but will keep me dry.

anyway, i purchased these items yesterday, and then last night i saw on the news that there was a chance of rain today. how fortuitous! but, angelo stalis seemed to downplay the storm a bit and it seemed, or at least i understood, that the storm would hold off until later in the day. so, i decided i probably would not need to wear the rain gear today. this morning, i didn't wear it.

so, of course, when i was going to leave work, it was raining. fortunately, it was just spitting a bit and not pouring. i made it home rather dry. this time.

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