Friday, November 13, 2009

juggalo drug bust

i was talking to corin hoggard last night, and he told me about this story.

"validated juggalo gang member." janet stoll lee, how do you live with your lies? the juggalos are not a gang. i repeat, they are not a gang. they are not formed for the intention of committing criminal activity. they are people who like the insane clown posse. while i may disagree with their taste in music, and their affinity for wearing clown make up, they aren't a gang.

the attorney interviewed has it right. they're calling them a gang so they can slap an enhancement on the charges.


Justin said...

I love the wrap up at the end of the story, something like "...and police say that this is just an example of how powerful narcotics can be sold out of nice neighborhoods and us by people who are your neighbors"

you are never safe anywhere!!!
suspect everyone!!!

clovis was a way of life until Kmart!!!

The Jay said...

I didn't think anyone but us had juggalos anymore. It's hard to believe this ridiculous cult exists, but there it is.

Becky's got some stories about juggalos and their children. It's not a gang, but it's a distinct lifestyle, and a crap-hole one at that (in my opinion).