Friday, November 06, 2009

espn takes notice of fresno

over at the beehive the do a re-occurring post called 'did they just say fresno?' it's a good little feature, and often highlights ways that fresno is being noticed by the world at large. well, they missed one, and i thought i'd post it.

i was watching espn's e60 on tuesday, november 3rd, and one of the stories near the end really caught my attention. here it is:

that's right, mutton bustin @ the big big big big big fresno fair. take notice fresno, we are on espn's radar.

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duble-u said...

that is a big NO WAY for my daughter.

m.wise said...

but she could go all 'jujitsu' on the sheep if it got out of line! or is it 'taikwando'?

Adam said...

I wanna bust some mutton.