Monday, November 02, 2009

monday haiku

novembeard started
from a clean shaven face, oh
will it look sexy?


The Jay said...

I did mine all wrong. I got started early, my skin broke out, and I was scratching all the time. I believed I could come up with a good Chuck Norris, but suddenly the baby had whisker burn and cried when I tried to kiss her. So in the words of the Enlightened One, "I'm out!"

m.wise said...

it's tuesday, happy birthday!!!

james said...

Are you growing a stache for Movember? Cause if you are, we should start a group. I know another guy on Twitter that's doing it, too.
Only, I'm not asking for donations to grow it - I don't think I'll get much response. Instead, mine's going to be obnoxious, and I'm going to get people to sponsor a clean shave.
Or something like that.

edluv said...

i think i may grow a 'stache with my beard, or at least try to. when i've grown a beard before i've usually gone sans mustache because it bugs me. but this year, i'm going to try.

The Jay said...

Clear the stache with the little lady. that's all I'd say.

Monticore said...

Um I prefer menno/amish style facial hair on my man. Maybe you could throw a little sidelock in for fun but that's it.