Friday, November 27, 2009

usa supporter's world cup shirt

every so often you hear about cool things that are worth supporting. sometimes, those things also benefit you. as you should know as a regular reader of this blog, i love soccer. i love watching soccer. i love supporting the usmnt and have even joined a supporters club, the american outlaws. (btw, if you're interested, i'm still hoping to start a fresno chapter - need 25 people signed up.)

i was checking out the american outlaws site today, and saw one of those cool things worth supporting that benefits me as well. the american outlaws have teamed up with sam's army and little feet to put out shirts for south africa 2010. here it is in gameday red (the also have an away gray)

now, the shirt is a little pricey @ $25, but, the price is worth it. here is why: you're supporting an agency, little feet, that does humanitarian work through soccer. for every shirt that is bought a soccer ball will be donated to a child in south africa. pure dope. the balls will be distributed after the december 4th draw. and, you'll also be supporting u.s. soccer, which is also awesome.

i bought two - one for me, one for my bro. you should buy one as well, and when we get together to watch the u.s. team as the have a break out world cup we can wear the shirts in solidarity.

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MsJoey said...

I am interning with the Fresno Downtown Association and I thought you'd like to know that there has been a serious inquiry into the old Milano Restaurant. A man from San Jose is interested in leasing it. He is appalled that there aren't any bars in Fresno that broadcast the soccer games. They want to make it into a sports bar for soccer lovers!
Thought you may be interested in that.
Hopefully it will happen and soon!

edluv said...

that would be awesome. and, it could make a great starting spot for a march on the mall to fuego games.