Tuesday, November 17, 2009

random tuesday musings

so, i meant to write this post this morning, but didn't. oh well. here's a bunch of random stuff floating around my mind today:

it was freaking cold today. i need to put the windshield on my bike. however, i'll probably just sit around and not do it.

going to fresno mag's best of fresno event tonight. i've already chuckled at the list (available at the beehive) but figure it'll be interesting. and, free samples and junk sounds cool. plus, it's giving us some potential podcast material.

i've shaped the novembeard a little. nothing radical, just took a little out of the sides. looks a little more maintained and groomed.

i wonder if the new cantina tacos from taco bell are any good. btw, it took me twenty minutes to figure out they were called cantina tacos. i took a nap and my head is in a bit of a fog.

speaking of that nap, i fell asleep during a soccer podcast, when it ended i put on a fantasy football one. after i woke up i had to replay the football one. may replay the soccer one later. i love me some podcasts.

i heard a rumor about the united states men's national team may play mexico in a friendly at the l.a. coliseum. if this happens, i will go. and, i know at least 3 other guys that would go in a heartbeat. man, i hope this happens.

have an own goal

good gawd i'm appalled by this danish pop up game.

speaking of the danes, the u.s. plays them tomrrow in soccer.


m.wise said...

i didn't listen to the own goal (shocker), but i appreciated how the coaches (dads?) celebrated it with the little girl. maybe she was embarrased by it, but they did good to help her feel good.

Lulu said...

I saw that commercial for the Taco Bell Cantina tacos and thought they looked really good. Unfortunately I don't think I can stomach fast food anymore, I know too much. They dont have nutritional information listed for those either. They sure did make me want a taco though!

edluv said...

"I don't think I can stomach fast food anymore, I know too much."

that sentence cracked me up. it sound so cryptic, like you've been let in on some deep, secret knowledge. i mean, i totally know that fast food is unhealthy, frequently very unhealthy, but i still eat it.

Lulu said...

I did sound cryptic:)

Well I always knew calorie wise it was bad for you, but it isn't just that. They pump that food with a ton of artificial ingredients and preservatives and flavors so although it can taste like real food, most of it is produced in factories not farms. I don't know what that stuff will do to your body in the long run but I want real food damnit!