Wednesday, November 18, 2009

best of fresno

last night i had the pleasure of going to fresno magazine's "best of fresno" awards party. and, it was a very pleasurable event. now, i'm not going to go into too much detail here, but you can listen to a podcast featuring three guys that went to the event. we talk about the event in detail, and we also talk about the best of fresno list. (you can also go over here and read other thoughts on the list)

what i do want to say is that the event was fun. it reminded me of sudz in the city or a wine tasting event. it was packed while i was there, so that's good. and, i enjoyed the food vendors, and i would even say that some of them could go with a smaller sample portion size (shocking!). whether or not i agree with their list, they throw a pretty good party.

one big complaint - this comes up in the podcast, but i'll bring it up here, too. why did they have a journey cover band?


blake said...

Is that last question serious?
C'mon. It's clear. The Journey cover-band perfectly compliments every other aspect of their project.

duble-u said...

uhhh, because journey was busy?

Monticore said...

That's funny becaue when I got to work my co-worker was raving about the bad. I guess it's different strokes for different folks.

blake said...

I think Monticore has made a mistake in her last comment, and I wish for all blog commenters to check with me first to avoid making the same mistake.
The things I like are good. The things I don't like are not good.
In fact, the things I don't like are actually morally currupt and will burn in Hell.
So, in the future,y'all check in with me first.

Monticore said...

haha freudian slip! But it definately applies