Wednesday, November 04, 2009


so, yesterday i turned 34. i wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who wished me well, or came over for cake, or bought me a drink, or gave me a present. i appreciate them all. and, if you see me around any time soon and still want to buy me a drink or say happy birthday, i'll take it.

it's funny, some people really stress out about birthdays, lie about their age, and generally have a problem with getting older. not so much me. birthdays are nice, but really, i don't make a big deal about them. i mean, i've had parties before, and some of them were a blast, but generally, i like hanging out with people and so any chance to hangout is welcomed.

nothing is new in life at 34, at least not for me. l i v i n.


flowgun said...

Aww, congratulations ed. I appreciate stopping by once a month and always feeling welcome. I'll definitely take you up on that drink next time I'm in Fresno. Happy birthday!

Justin said...

I missed it, sorry. Welcome to 34.

Monticore said...

It's not being 30ish that stresses me out, it's looking 30ish and being called Maam