Friday, October 02, 2009

show review: wheels of fortune, rademacher + more

ah, the post art hop show. it's a monthly tradition, and generally it's a good time. i've seen a ton of great bands over the last few years and have graciously dropped tons of cash to tommy and toshi. i've also encountered several bands, both local and out of town, whom i've bought cd's from and started to follow.

last night doesn't really fit in to the above description. maybe that's too harsh.

so, the first act was michael k. he was a solo act with an electric guitar. i've seen ted leo play (on t.v.) all by himself with a guitar and rock the crowd. michael k. was no ted leo. i'm not saying his music was bad, because sonically it was fine. it just lacked energy, or anything to pull me in at all.

the second act was yesterday's chonies. i've seen this band play on the sidewalk outside of tokyo garden before and thought they were sorta quirky and interesting. since that time, they've played around town and even been involved in an internet controversy. i know what i like, and i know what i don't like. i don't like yesterday's chonies. as a strange brass band, their music could be interesting. but, it ends up just being a mess. time isn't kept that well, the singing ranges in and out of tune, and it never seems to come together. i will say that i did enjoy some parts, and the washboard actually created a sound that hooked my ear a bit.

wheels of fortune went on third, and it was their cd release show. i like wheels, and have talked about them here before. right from the start there were sound problems, and they seemed to carry through most of the show. seriously, lots of unintended feedback, and the band seemed a little frustrated and rattled. they pushed through, and i commend them for that. i enjoyed the songs, and after the sound issues were cleared up the show seemed to really come together for wheels. unfortunately, by then they were almost done with their set.

rademacher closed out the show, and i honestly was a bit surprised they were even playing. they literally just returned from a midwest tour, by car, on wednesday. in talking to the guys before their set they all seemed a bit weary and in need of a few more hours of sleep. to their credit, that weariness didn't carry over to their set. it seemed pretty crisp and i enjoyed it.

i will say that my main goals of the night were to see wheels of fortune and pick up their cd, as well as rademacher's new ep, and i accomplished those. the bands i wanted to see were enjoyable and i've got some new cd's to listen to.

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