Friday, October 02, 2009

re:fuse festival recommendations

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hey, the re:fuse fest is upon us. tonight is the opening party @ full circle brewery and the rest of the festival takes place tomorrow. with seven venues you might be struggling to figure out who to see. or, you might not. but have no fear, i'm hear to help you with some suggestions. i'm even going to put an * to the shows that i think are a don't miss, you'll kick yourself if you do shows.

-the festival kicks off @ 3 w/yesterday's chonies playing the spiral garage. go to the garage and buy your pass, and then head over to joe's steakhouse for buffalo guns. now, you probably would have to work to really hit all these, or at least hustle between spots.
-3:30 buffalo guns (joe's steakhouse)
*-4:00 wewalkanddrive (spiral garage)*
-4:30 down word (joe's steakhouse)
*-5:00 the escorts (club one)
-6:00 black pennies (spiral garage)
-7:00 this one's a toss up - blake jones & trike shop (spiral garage) or motel drive (club one)
*-7:30 populus (joe's steakhouse)*
-8:00 40 watt hype (club one) - this is a toss up with wheels of fortune (spiral garage) but i haven't seen 40 watt hype in a while so i'm saying them.
*-9:00 the sleepover disaster* - this is the last sleepover show for a while, and possibly ever. do not miss it as they close out the shows @ the spiral garage.*
-10:00 after show @ tokyo.

now, i realize it will be tough to hit all these recommendations. if nothing else, hit my * don't miss shows. if you don't trust my recommendations, hit up the website and pick your own re:fuse fest route.

whatever you do, don't miss this festival. $15 for a ton of good bands.


blake said...

Man, I hope the Sleepover news is just a rumour. Their performance on the rooftop (as you know) was particularly powerful. Perfect surreal ambience--contrasting stage lights and the dark skies , the wind, the idea of 'hey, it's late, we're throwing a party on this roof downtown--it all came together in their echo-ey powerful set.
Cool times. --and good to see you and yours.

edluv said...

it definately is their last show for a while,& Luke had posted the possibly ever on facebook. they've been hard at it, and need a little rest. but I've also heard rumors that the break won't be as long as initially thought.