Wednesday, October 21, 2009

rza is a geek

"yo, we geeks man, we geeks!"

this is for my people out there that enjoy the wu, especially the fellas over @ who posted a rza/colbert interview recently.

wu tang clan ain't nuthin to geek with!

i did think his quote about how he would rather raise nerds than gangsters was interesting. they've come a long way from the 36 chambers and talking about banging somebody's genitals with a spiked bat, or sowing someone's anus shut and feedin 'em and feedin 'em (two hilarious lines, btw). i'm fine with this. actually, i'm glad that he's grown up as a person. now, if the wu were to put out a new album talking about how they still were gangsta and were doing dirt right now, i might call out the cognitive dissonance. but i'm fine with him saying, 'hey, i'm a producer, i'm into all this nerdy electronic stuff, i love video games.' i'd even be fine with him saying that he liked guns, too. just as long as he doesn't try and come all hard core today/i make movies about road trips with kids tomorrow.

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brodiemash said...

As if I needed more reason to love this guy. Good find, sir!