Thursday, October 22, 2009

what do you think i fought for at omaho beach?

so, i didn't realize until yesterday that maine has a ballot initiative that would repeal the right for gay couples to be married. i started looking for information on what the bill actually would accomplish, and mainly found out that the people that are for prop 1 are using the same ads & tactics that the pro prop 8 folks out here in ca. used.

later in the evening i was checking blogs and ran across this video. it's a video of an 86 year old ww2 vet, speaking at a public meeting on april 22, 2009. please watch.


Lulu said...

Thank you for posting that Ed. That was a beautiful and moving speech that I think I will send to my mom to watch.

miriam said...

Did you cry? Cause I'm cryin.

I love old people like that. I could use more like this fellow at my bar.