Thursday, October 15, 2009

high five new york

so this guy, nathaniel kassel rides his bike through nyc and gives people high fives when they're hailing cabs. pretty funny, especially when you see the various reactions. most people seem alright, but some people really freak out. i'm not sure how i'd react, but i think it would be sort of heartwarming to just randomly get a high five.

sadly, this wouldn't work in fresno, as we can't hail cabs in the street.


Adam said...

Just high five all the impatient people that step out into the street to see if the bus still exists and will indeed be making a stop.

Lulu said...

That was cute. I like things like that that sort of wake you up out of your routine, even if it is as simple as a high 5 that you werent expecting.

Also I could never live in New York. I will take my cabless Fresno and drive myself around anyday over that.

m.wise said...

yeah, that was good.

Monticore said...

Love it. Dude looks like Adam's younger bro. Not that I'd be made but I'm sure my first reaction would be like the girl with the box of donuts.