Wednesday, October 21, 2009

not about education

i'm often amazed at how misinformation lingers. people think iraq was involved in 9/11. or that there were wmd's in iraq.

today, i was speaking to someone about prop 8. this person said that the were fine with however people want to live, but they didn't want it taught in school. this baffled me (not really) but i did my damndest to remind that there was nothing in prop 8 about schools, and that there were, in fact, already books in schools that dealt with homosexuality and other different types of families even though prop & passed.

i doubt it will be remembered.


Adam said...

Wait, so you're saying Iraq wasn't involved in the 9/11 plot??

blake said...

I loved the Doonsbury cartoon some months after the Iraq mess began. It was a Sunday. He took up his entire space and made it one big giant box with a guy saying something like "remember kids, Iraq had nothing to do with 911".
Big, bold said over and over---still, the confusion remains and remains ecouraged by those who benefit from the confusion.